you should date a girl who supports mage rights.
 date a girl who shoots fire from her hands. date a girl who spends her money on lyrium instead of clothes, who has problems with closet space because she has too many mage hats. date a girl who has a list of mage hats she wants to customize, who has blown up the chantry.


Someone take my pencil away from me, because I can’t draw proportions to save my life and these two make me sick, they’re so cute. 
Tried to hide Ander’s nose behind the folds of the pillow, because of reasons. And Hawke’s nose is just incredibly long to begin with.
One day I will draw them well…together. 


My cat is always so anxious for his daily car rides !



Done by Jamie Navarro,
@ Code of Conduct in Chicago

I live down the street from CoC, and I think I might finally drop by after seeing this.

A Good Book by Emmy


Bonsoir lovely followers! In case any of you are unaware at this point, a certain website is currently raiding the tags of our website. Please stay away from tags containing popular fandoms, social justice, feminism, or any popular tag (such as puppy, lol, feel good, etc) as they contain gore and other unpleasant images!

Also, please be wary of posting pictures of yourself if you tag them- their newest tactic is photoshopping people’s faces onto pornographic images so please tag your personal images with personal tags!! And for extra-safe measure, you may also want to consider turning off submissions temporarily.

In the meantime please keep to your dashboards and be safe!!